Andrea Giachetto - Full Stack Developer
I support agencies and
teams to build great
digital products


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I love to explore
the boundaries of
my knowledge.

Passionate about tech and human interactions. I help people to turn their ideas into digital solutions.

I have been exposed to digital media since the early stages of my life, technology and creativity have always been part of me. I have years of experience working in the software development industry. I love to lead teams to build great digital products. Coding and project management are my natural habitat , but I do also like to go out of my comfort zone.

I'm not just my job

I like to spend my free time into practical activities, like sport, reading and studying languages like English and German. I love mountain biking in the forest, Naruto Uzumaki and the Metal Gear Solid saga.

Music as therapy

I see music as a way to express a feeling or a story. I had several bands composing music from Punk Rock to Electronic post rock. Now I'm into Ableton and Music Production.

Andrea Giachetto - About Me
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I love to
plan and code

In this crazy job market, being a talented technician is no longer enough. Soft Skills are the new Hard Skills.

Knowing how to communicate effectively. Ability to plan a project, organize and discuss tasks with the team. Applying problem-solving and knowing how to relate in a team. Those are skills worth more than a talented technician that is unable to integrate with others. Creating a cohesive and relaxed work environment is necessary to turn an idea into a tangible project in the shortest possible time.

This is my nindo and I have this approach since the beginning of my carrer.

  • BOLD

    Feb 2022 - Now

    Communication agency located in Bern with strong focus on Marketing, UX/UI Design and Development.

    Role: Full Stack Developer.
    Technologies: React, Nuxt, Vercel, Sanity, CD/CI.

    Link to website
  • Inftec / Dormakaba

    Feb 2021 - Jan 2022

    Software company located in Bern, develop custom software solutions.

    Role: Full Stack Developer.
    Technologies: Angular, React, Spring Boot, Unit Testing, Docker, CD/CI.

    Link to website
  • AKQA

    Jan 2020 - Oct 2020

    Ideas and Innovation company. Worked with the Treviso Office in Italy for TIM Design System.

    Role: Freelance Front End Developer.
    Technologies: AEM, UI Atomic Design Principles.

    Link to website
  • Be.Family

    Feb 2019 - Jan 2020

    Digital Agency located in Venice and Florence. Specialized on UX/UI and SEO optimizations.

    Role: Freelance Front End Developer.
    Technologies: React, Wordpress, NodeJS.

    Link to website
  • MOBA Digital Studio

    Jun 2016 - Feb 2019

    Digital Agency specilized in Content creation, Websites and Web Apps.

    Role: Co-Founder - Front End Developer.
    Technologies: Angular, Wordpress.

    Link to website
  • Habra

    Sep 2015 - Jun 2016

    Digital Agency, with focus on Branding, Social Media and Websites.

    Role: Front End Developer.
    Technologies: Java, JSP, Angular, PHP, Wordpress.

    Company went out of business in 2017 😢

  • Internship

    Sep 2013 - Jun 2015

    Alternating Bachelor degree in Multimedia Science and Technology and freelance job to dip my toes into the Development market.

    Role: just a NERD.
    Technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, NodeJS, Java.

    Link to University
Blog coming soon · Blog coming soon · Blog coming soon
Coming around half of 2023

I love to write and share thoughts

I have always had a personal diary where to log all my ideas. I like to collect them since teenager, and that habit stays with me since then. In one of my diary's page, you could find the groceries list, a doodle and a flow-chart. Well, my article won't be that random or clunky.

I would like to talk about technology, personal stories and related teachings. Some pieces of my life that will worth reading for the future me, and for you now.

Andrea Giachetto - Blog